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Innovation Culture

IMP³rove Assessment

Based on international standard compliant assessment tools and the world´s largest benchmarking database on innovation management (more than 5000 datasets covering all industries, size classes, and geographies), the IMP³rove Assessment helps companies understand the key success factors of innovation in 5 dimensions, namely innovation strategy, innovation organization and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results. It is offered as an online questionnaire comprising 47 questions. Once this questionnaire is completed, the company can request a customized IMP³rove Benchmarking Report (available within maximum 30 minutes) that plots the company’s innovation capabilities against the average scores of thousands of direct and indirect competitors.

Our IMP³rove certified consultants can assist you in translating the outcomes of your IMP³rove Benchmarking Report into a comprehensive and actionable program for enhancing your company’s innovation capabilities.