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Our role extended beyond seizing the opportunities for incremental changes. By utilizing the IMP³rove assessment method and other proprietary tools, we benchmarked the company's performance against innovation leaders and gained precise insight into the company’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to innovation management. Building on the conclusions of such a sophisticated customized analysis, we developed a tailored innovation strategy fully harmonized with the company’s vision, in order to unlock its potential for growth.

The IMP³rove Assessment helps companies to understand the key success factors of innovation management in 5 innovation management dimensions, namely 1) innovation strategy, 2) innovation organization and culture, 3) innovation life-cycle management, 4) innovation enabling factors and 5) innovation results. It is offered as an online questionnaire comprising 47 questions. The unique IMP³rove databases on innovation management, which encompass more than 5,000 datasets, build the basis for research reports and studies on innovation management performance of industry sectors, regions, countries and companies of various age and size classes.