Areas of Expertise

Idea Portfolio

Innovation processes

Design and setup structured “from-concept-to-launch” processes to maximize the value of your new product portfolio

We support you in setting up structured, disciplined yet flexible innovation processes that will lead your teams to the successful evaluation, validation and launching of your next winning product. Proven methodologies and best practices from innovation leaders will provide valuable input for the design of a robust idea handling system and a gate governance process that suit your organization’s unique needs. The people involved throughout the lifecycle from ideation to product launching will be trained in tailored workshops and sessions.

Being in tune with the market and sensing the precursors of emerging opportunities is a necessary albeit not sufficient condition for launching new winning products. Market leaders recognize the need to successfully navigate through the so-called fuzzy front end of their innovation processes. For this reason, they employ methodologies such as TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in order to manage complexity, effectively frame the problems and eventually pinpoint the right solutions, before embarking on a new product development project. Our TRIZ certified consultants will help you fine-tune your innovation processes by incorporating world-class inventive problem-solving techniques, with a view to maximizing the value of your new product portfolio.