Case Studies



Consumer goods manufacturer


Partnership exploration and matchmaking for the development of unique in-house manufacturing technology


The objective of this project was to support our client in finding a reliable partner who could undertake the construction of assembly machines based on the build-to-print approach. The process started with a preliminary —but wide in scope— search, using as main tools internet, specialized press and databases, in order to map the build-to-print industry and define the specific expectations we should have from a potential cooperation. This led us to determine the suppliers’ evaluation criteria, namely precision and robustness of the offered solutions, expertise in areas such as assembling machines, parts accurate machining, data collection, sensors etc., credibility and ability to support after sale, previous experience in assembly machine system deployment, methods and processes. On this basis, we continued with the identification of key suppliers, then an initial contact was made to check their relative positioning, out of which a shortlist was drawn up, a Non-Disclosure Agreement was signed, and finally and a request for proposal was sent. Given that throughout the entire process the information collected was refined to a granular level of detail, at the final phase we were confident that all prime candidates had the technical capacity to provide the machine that meets our exact needs and standards. Therefore, we screened them against additional criteria such as price and timeframe, and eventually selected the best to deliver the best according to our specifications and parameters.