Recently, the team of Seven Sigma had the privilege of participating in an exceptional workshop led by renowned global innovation expert Darrell Mann. The TRIZ-Based CERTAIN Troubleshooting workshop was nothing short of transformative.

What made this experience truly remarkable was the diverse group of participants hailing from Australia, the USA, UK, Netherlands, Greece, and beyond. Their varied backgrounds and perspectives brought a wealth of fresh ideas and insights to the table, elevating the discourse to new heights.

Darrell Mann's expertise in innovation shone through as he expertly organized and led the workshop. His approach to troubleshooting in the 21st century, outlined in the CERTAIN process and toolkit, is revolutionary. In a world where problems are increasingly complex and interconnected, his emphasis on horizontal thinking is both timely and essential.

Throughout the workshop, we delved into troubleshooting techniques for a range of scenarios, from simple to highly complex situations. Darrell's teaching style, combining theory with hands-on exercises, ensured that every participant was fully engaged and empowered to apply their learnings.

We highly recommend Darrell Mann's workshops to anyone seeking to enhance their troubleshooting skills and approach problems with a fresh perspective.

Thank you, Darrell, for an enlightening and enriching experience!


About Darrell Mann:
For the first 15 years of his career, Darrell held a number of positions at Rolls-Royce and was responsible for the conception, design, and validation of a range of new military aerospace products.
Over the course of the last 25 years, Darrell has helped deliver over $6B in new product-derived value to clients in every industry and across over 50 countries, including serving as the spark behind a dozen successful spin-out companies. He is the author of over 1000 innovation-related papers, articles, patents, and innovation-related textbooks, the latest pair focusing on innovation in start-up enterprises and the soft-side of innovation. Over the years he has held Visiting Professorships at a range of different universities around the world. He is currently a Professor at the University of Buckingham in the UK.

You can check out more of his work here: http://www.darrellmann.com/links/

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