Capability Assessment Test

Capability Assessment Test (CAT) is the ultimate product of Seven Sigma’s research and experience and has been successfully applied in numerous small and medium-sized enterprises operating in various industries in Greece and abroad. This test helps businesses to gauge their capabilities and performance using eight assessment criteria. This way the organization gets access to a holistic view of its operations and activity, in order to design a robust strategy that will accelerate its growth.

The first step of CAT methodology is to conduct interviews with the CEO and the Heads of the company's departments. The interview process and the targeting of the questionnaire are structured in a way to guarantee high validity and accuracy in the final results. The interviews last one hour and aim to capture the current situation (as is) for each department / operation of the company, as well as to record suggestions on the ways in which the departments could operate more effectively (to be). Then, the executives of the evaluated company, under the guidance of the specialized consultants of Seven Sigma, will complete an extensive questionnaire that evaluates the organization in eight different business dimensions. Seven Sigma will gather and process all data collected during the interview and questionnaire phases. The result of this analysis is the final CAT Report which presents the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization as well as a prioritized list of actions that the organization should follow in order to improve its’ operations and performance.

The impressive demand for this service in the past few years has led Seven Sigma to develop an online self-assessment tool based on the methodological framework used by CAT. Thus, each company can now complete the test on its own and get a first idea of ​​the basic methodological principles and ideas behind the core offering. However, this tool does not replace CAT. Instead, it is a preliminary self-assessment that aims at helping clients to prepare for a more structured and holistic evaluation that will be conducted through the Capability Assessment Test.

Try now our online tool and gauge your company’s capabilities and performance!

If you are interested in CAT, you can contact us at: [email protected]

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