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The upcoming 4th industrial revolution is bound to cause radical changes as a result of the transition to the digital age. These developments already affect the operation of businesses and have a direct impact on their future course.

Consequently, it is essential for all organizations to develop a culture of innovation that will be adopted in each of its structures and establish procedures to highlight and exploit new ideas. In accordance with the company's goals and vision, we are developing a strategic plan for the future. Through targeted seminars and workshops we develop in cooperation our Innovation Roadmap.

The Innovation Roadmap is a framework that, through a sequence of processes and actions, will lead the company to develop new innovative products and improve the efficiency of the existing organizational processes. This approach guarantees not only the present sustainability but also ensures the long-term growth and will enable the company to preserve its leading innovative position against the intense and ever-increasing global competition.

On the 30th of June 2019, a seminar was held in Saltillo, Mexico City, attended by members of multinational consumer products industry. Under the guidance of Mr. Konstantinos Kokkinoplitis, General Manager of RISE and Seven Sigma, the participants exchanged views on the current industry trends and designed the company's innovation roadmap

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