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    and Technology
    Create a winning innovation and technology strategy
    that supports your business goals
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    Design and setup structured “from-concept-to-launch”
    Innovation processes
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    Develop an innovation culture and
    advance the innovation capabilities
    of your organization to accelerate growth
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    Harness and deploy knowledge within and without
    your organization to drive future business performance
    Knowledge management


Capability Assessment Test (CAT) is a valuable diagnostic tool developed by Seven Sigma and successfully applied in a great number of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in various industries in Greece and abroad. This test helps businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses using eight assessment criteria – business dimensions. This way the organization gets access to a holistic view of its operations and activity, in order to design a robust strategy that will accelerate its growth.
Capability Assessment Test is not a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that quantifies business performance. CAT is the link between all business performance indicators under the umbrella of corporate strategy. The impressive demand for this service in the past few years has led the company to develop an online self-assessment tool based on the methodological framework used by CAT. Thus, each company can now complete the test on its own and get a first impression of the basic methodological principles and ideas behind the core offering. However, this tool does not replace CAT. Instead, it is a preliminary self-assessment that aims at helping clients prepare for a more structured and holistic evaluation that will be conducted through the Capability Assessment Test.
You can try the online self-assessment tool here
You can read more information about the CAT here