Food industry trends

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food industry trends

Although the agri-food industry is considered to be a slow adopter of change, currently the sector is expected to change more in the next 10 years than it did over the last 50 (Accenture, 2017). This transformation derives from a number of factors, such as the environmental changes (e.g. global warming), the demographics (e.g.

6 Reasons Some People Are Uncomfortable with Innovation


When we talk about innovation, we sometimes forget that not everyone is on board with the new and revolutionary. Some people would rather stick to their same schedule and do the same thing, day after day: a predictable and comforting routine. For champions of innovation, this mindset is difficult to understand.

Graphene patent and technology landscape analysis

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Graphene –a single layer of carbon atoms held together in a honeycomb structure– boasts extraordinary properties that could radically change our world, through transformational applications in electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, food packaging and virtually every other industry that can exploit its unique features.