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On Wednesday, December 16, 2020, the Hellenic Technology Platform (HTP) and SEVT organized the online event titled: "Food companies determine the research priorities to be funded by the NSRF 2021-2027"

During the event the main questions discussed were:

  • the role of food businesses in determining research priorities,
  • the benefits companies derive from their participation in this process,
  • the business opportunities that may arise from the development of collaborative projects.

The event highlighted that the cooperation between the Academic & Research Community and the Food Industry is of paramount importance. In fact, it appears that only through this cooperation can research potential be fully harnessed, producing mutual benefits for both and for the further development of the food industry.

Event Summary

The event opened with a greeting from the Secretary General of Research & Technology, Prof. Ath. Kyriazis. Following the greeting, two discrete panel discussions took place:

First Panel

The first panel concerned the importance of business participation in setting research priorities and the contribution of HTP in this process. Participating were Dr. D. Ladikos (President of HTP), Dr. A. Spilioti (GSRT) and the general manager of Seven Sigma, Mr. Konstantinos Kokkinoplitis, while the coordinator was Ms. V. Papadimitriou (HTP).

Second Panel

The second panel discussed how the research priorities were defined by the Working Groups of the Greek Platform. Representatives of the Working Groups included:  Prof. G.Dedousis, Prof. P. Scandamis,  Prof. E.   Kalogiannis and Dr. S. Bandas.  Dr. F. Salta moderated this panel.

Click HERE to find more information about the event and HERE to check the initial event invitation.

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